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The Highest Level
of Security Control

Keeping your People, Property & Assets Physically & Digitally Safe

First globally, in smart cyber-physical security and safety solutions

Whilst the deployment, collection and whereabouts of  traditional iron keys  continues to increase costs, carbon emissions and security vulnerabilities, it's time to go digital. With increased connectivity, there's improved visibility and efficiency, significantly reducing risk. Keep your assets and people safe with Centralock security.

Mobile Access Management Control
of Critical Infrastructure

Are your access controls in the right hands?

It is often assumed that authorisation and authentication are one in the same thing, not true! Ensure your access controls are in the right hands with Centralock's Smartphone multi-factor authentication.

No Keys to Lose!

Are your assets & people safe & secure?

Following procedures is critical to ensure your safety and security.                      Without real time visibility there is no guarantee your locks are locked or that your people are in the right location. Centralock's Central Management System provides a dual audit trail from the phone and CMS in real time.

Smartphone Access with Wireless Power

Are you robust enough?

Today's attacks are both cyber and physical. With Centralock's robust smart lock designs and patented dynamic cyber secure transportation layer, we keep all intruders out.

Yesterday's solutions won't solve tomorrow's threats. We ensure you stay ahead of your attackers.

"It is a system  that is not only cost effective, gives real-time reporting and heightened control, but also provides a safer working environment and enhanced customer response. The full functionality of mobile technology allows for an increased environmental reduction in unnecessary travel, for multiple purposes, this combined with the extensive rejuvenating battery life of the MPac means reduced landfill, costs and transportation"       

Protecting What Matters

Cutting Edge Security & Safety

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